Your most important daily decision

Your first important decision of every day is the FIRST decision of every day!


Even before our feet hit the ground, we likely define how the remainder of the day unfolds

Will today be an AMAZING day with lots of WINS and very few losses?

Is this to be a day chock full of HAPPINESS and JOY?

What if you’re dreading something about this day?

If we decide (choose) to go the route of the dark side – Doom and GLOOM, I assure you that a dark, ominous cloud will hang over our heads. Our level of productivity will also be dismal. We will find ourselves struggling to get along with – well – ANYONE and EVERYONE we encounter.

Of course, all of this avoidable . . . After all, we were the ones who chose this path.

Here’s the good news!

If, at any point throughout the day, we decide we want a kinder & gentler existence, we can so choose.

Or you can avoid all of the above by make the “right” decision before your feet hit the floor.

Your most important daily decision

Posted by Barry Owen on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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