Your List of Unfinished Projects

How many projects have you started . . . and not (yet) finished?

Why haven’t you taken the time to complete them?

When will you get around to finishing them?

Were they important to you when you started them?

Are they less important now because they’re less exciting than they were upon conception?

How do you feel every time you notice you have not finished these things?

Do you kick yourself and think: “I really SHOULD finish that . . . one day”?

Everything on this list is CLUTTER in your life. It’s distracting and detrimental to your productivity. This list is a terrorist in your mind holding a share of your mind hostage with the ransom of paying attention and committing to take the time to FINISH!

You’re shoulding on yourself, and that’s not OK!

If the unfinished things were important, you would probably have already completed them. Instead, you’ve chosen the path of mental self-incarceration.

Do something about this NOW!


Here’s how . . . Make a list of any and all of these projects which are in the purgatory of “started and not finished”.

With a clear head and your full attention, sort into 5 categories:

  • Procrastinate – Let it linger as “someday” and give yourself permission to be guilt free. These are things you will enjoy doing when you have the time.
  • Abandon – You HATE doing this and cannot fathom why you started doing this one in the first place.
  • Complete – AHA! This is something that is IMPORTANT and is already VERY close to being done. Do this IMMEDIATELY because all that’s left is crossing a few “t”s and dotting a few “i”s. There should only be ONE thing in this category
  • Tackle – This is an important thing that’s bigger than a “ToDo”. It’s a worthy project to work on over time. You already know how to do this and already have the tools and materials.
  • Delegate – This is important stuff that you do not have the foggiest notion as to how to do it, don’t have the appropriate tools, and will risk bodily harm to yourself and others attempting doing it yourself. (Think felling a 60′ tree that’s 30′ from the house) “Delegate” is a word that’s code for “I know how to do this, but I’m going to Hire a professional because I don’t have the time”.

You’re welcome!


Published by Barry Owen

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