“Wonder and imagination create Vision” – Harrison Owen

Tumultuous times for all of us . . .

In our hyper-digitally connected world, the inundation of too much too fast seems to be accelerating with little space for respite.

Many of the “issues and opportunities” are “more of the same” that we humans have created for all of our eons as “intelligent beings”.

Of course, WE are the conspirators who continue to propagate our need for control such that we incessantly drive for MORE and BETTER in terms of taming the world such that we live in a continually enhanced environment.

A we do this thing that we have been doing for all of these years, we do much harm to ourselves and to all of the creatures and life forms on our oh-so-tolerant planet we know of as our Earth.

All of this is indisputable, and there are many people a lot smarter than I who are very passionately doing whatever possible to “heal our planet”.

This is a seemingly never-ending pursuit with no fathomable solution . . . Each HUGE initiative requires immense ingenuity, “Humanpower”, and resources and seems not to make much of difference in the grand scheme of things . . . The scale of this extreme, complex, and VERY important issue seems to be increasing exponentially with little sign of real progress.

I believe we will get ourselves out of this mess (heal our Mother Earth) when we realize that the real solution requires a Global shift of mindset. We humans got ourselves into this mess, and it’s up to us to get ourselves out of it.

So . . . How do we begin this gargantuan task of shifting the mindset of 7.5ish BILLION humans before we perish by our own doing?

I think Luis Gallardo and Harrison Owen are doing “life work” that offers some amazing possibilities. Both of these “Initiatives” are simple.

Harrison Owen is THE master of recognizing that pretty much everything begins with chaos and self-organizes into something more “fit” and “useful”.

Luis Gallardo acknowledges that we humans have damaged our Earth and that the preponderance of humans are stressed and unhappy, therefore; we do harm . . . Luis believes that, if more humans were HAPPY, they would be more inclined to take care of Mother Earth.

I’m a believer that World Happiness and Open Space Technology have amazing potential to be major players in the Global Mindset Shift department.

Of course, I have grossly simplified the work of Luis and Harrison (my Father) . . . Would you like to learn more about how YOU can participate in this global mindset shift conversation?

Join the conversation at the World Happiness Festival 2020 – Nashville Agora Facebook Group . . . AND listen to Harrison Owen’s reflections.

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