With a little help

When we’re feeling down-trodden and out of sorts, we often find rejuvenating energy from the most unexpected sources.

Of course we’re surprised because we are not expecting help. We are proud and strong and even “invincible” . . . so we weather the storm and do our best to keep our chins up and muddle through.

We all have these “seasons” in our lives. We don’t want to “trouble” anyone else with our problems. After all, we got ourselves into this mess, so it’s up to us to get ourselves out of it, right?

This is where “random acts of kindness” come from. A friend senses that something is awry and lends a hand. Even if it’s just a small gesture – a minor inconvenience, it’s a HUGE gift to the recipient. It might even be a veritable life-saver.

Turtles understand!

Sometimes, it’s worse than “down-trodden” . . . It’s crisis or tragedy. These are the times when we’re blind-sided and yearn for help but don’t have the energy to ask for it. I’m a believer that each and every one of us has the potential within to provide appropriate support as a bridge to the “other side” of this scenario even as we cannot see the way. While we all have that potential, each and every one of us has our own set of “life comes at you first” scenarios, so we may or may not have the “energy reserve” to take on this role of bridge support. This is difficult and exhausting “work” which those of us who have great passion for serving others (REALTORS?) . . . We want to save the planet!

Here’s my plea for you . . . Take care of yourself FIRST and watch your energy levels lest you go down with the ship.

This post comes from my reading of The Go-Giver last night. Such a powerful book about generosity and abundance. It occurred to me that we often take on too much of the heavy lifting to “help” people in need, when a simple gift gesture may be enough for that person to bail herself out thereby emboldening her dignity and resilience.

AND – While reading the book, I kept thinking about this powerful Book/movie The Green Mile

Thank you for your continued generosity of Spirit!

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