Will 2021 be your MIRACLE YEAR?

Below is my email to my agents this morning – Maybe it’ll be a catalyst
I meet with them every Monday Morning
Let’s gather for our weekly check-in this morning @ 9:30
2020 is over – done – GONE!
Does it feel different now that we’re in 2021?
Was there a miraculous SWOOOSH of “Everything is better” energy washing over your heart and soul at the stroke of midnight 12/31/2020?
Will 2021 be an AMAZING year with minimal discomfort and everything rosy?
Pause for a moment and decide NOW to choose a fresh outlook – attitude – A MISSION – and COMMIT to being willing to do whatever it takes for you to manifest the best YOU throughout 2021.
There are NO short-cuts!

There will be disappointments and even FAILURES personal and professional. We’ll forge new relationships and choose to wander from others.

This year is not different than any other year.It’s chock FULL of potential.ALL of what you make of 2021 is up to you!

Will you rise to the challenge to make THIS year 2021 AMAZING?
I hope so . . . For sure, I’ll be indefatigably giving it my all alongside ALL Y’ALL!
Begin with 3 SMART and simple goals for each of your roles in life
“SMART” = Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-bound

and find an accountability partner who will agree to “meet” EVERY Monday morning to keep the good mojo flowing.

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