Wild Goose Festival

A perfect union for Peace and equality

Wild Goose Festival Submission

A perfect union for Peace and equality

Barry Owen, and Joe Brodnicki Betty Proctor, as co-creators, are wishing to bring the gift of Open Space Technology(OST) to the Wild Goose Festival 2023 in July. We hereby invite you to conspire with us to Open Space for Peace and Equality beginning with a “Classic” opening of the space on the morning of the first day of the Wild Goose festival to introduce OST to this Wild Goose community. 

Why are we so eager to introduce Open Space Technology to the Wild Goose Festival community?

Simply,our beliefs and perspectives seem to  align magnificently with the Wild Goose

When we asked some of our Open Space facilitators/practitioners to read what the Wild Goose Festival fiercely believes and stands for, we heard a strong resonation of “like-kind” comments about Open Space Technology. 

  • “I’d like the language to dance and sing for them!!” 
  •  Opening a Space where all kinds of people come together

Open Space Technology is:

  • transformational, and experiential
  • Brings together diversity in all shapes, forms, cultures, ages & backgrounds 
  • a dynamic, high engagement conversational process with a proven track record around the world in more than 150 countries.
  • complements & amplifies the partipicent’s goal (s) in a serious and fun way. 
  • Particularly useful with highly charged  social justice causes and people. 

 Outcomes and Benefits

What Wild Goose Festival Participants who show up to this Open Space Meeting (and are fully present and engaged) can expect benefits which will very much align with (build on) and amplify the spirit of this Festival – to . . . CRANK UP THE VOLUME in myriad ways

  • Innovative, creative, and inspiring
  • Participants do it themselves, they become the creators of their OWN meaningful agenda 
  • Awakening from within “Made to measure” for thought leaders, writers, dreamers, artists, visionaries, social justice activists, peace-makers
  • Deep connections and lasting impact
  • Fun and serious in a “Be prepared to be Surprised way”

We think this is a PERFECT union, rich with potential to stir a rhythm of blended rituals and conversations which will be certain to create an environment of imagining possibilities around the collective passion for Peace & Equality throughout the festival. . . 

resulting in REAL ACTION

 humming along with rhythm and breath lasting far beyond the closing of the festival.

A brief  origin story of Open Space Technology begins with Harrison Owen’s experiences while working in the Peace Corps in  the  West African bush of Liberia In the 1960’s where he observed the “way of “ the self organizing nature of the villages. He observed that all villages had a Center from which the elders  administered the rules and the regulations. There were circles emanating from the center beginning with a large circle for celebrations or meetings when  there were tribal decisions to be considered. There was a Bulletin Board which was the source for all members to go when they wanted to know what’s happening. The next circle was a Marketplace where people could exchange ideas or goods and services.

The next circle  was family tents (homes) and the final circle was the security boundary

Harrison chew on this for decades and was fascinated  by the simplicity of it, and the fact that it ALWAYS worked,

  • The Circle is the fundamental geometry of human communication – In Open Space meetings, we sit in a circle, and our circles often expand beyond boundaries we cannot even imagine.Circles come alive with the rhythm of breath as participants quicklytransform from “I” to “WE” happens.
  • The Breath The Community Bulletin Board creates a place for a marketplace which quickly springs into the bustling energy of discovery as participants find commonalities and differences and find themselves learning and stretching their points of view.
  • Previously unimaginable possibilities emerge

Fast forward to 1983 to Harrison Owen musing and enjoying a couple martinis when a flood of clarity hit him . He sought to integrate what he had learned from the wisdom of the village council during his time with the Peace Corps in Africa

own. he sought to integrate what he had learned from the wisdom of the village council during his time with the Peace Corps in Africa…

Open Space Technology has been in use literally in every circle in the Universe to remind us that we already know the “answers” right HERE where we are NOW amongst our membership (the right people).


especially useful when a group of people (Organizations) find themselves “in a pickle” and not aware they already have their solution to moving forward right amidst their own membership.

Most people and organizations facing large issues and/or opportunities seem to need to drag themselves through all stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) prior to NAMING the beast) at which point, there’s invariably a collective

What NOW?

We say: “Strike while the iron’s HOT!”

Open Space Technology doesn’t lose those sweet palpable early – visceral feelings by appointing committees and subcommittees for further examination of the problem. Begin with convening the Chief stakeholders to name the issue /opportunity by creating a “Theme” which is sure to inspire the whole population of Stakeholders (EVERYONE) with passion to swing into ACTION.

While the Theme is predetermined, this is only so participants can have a sense of the intended destination . . . . (Just as the Pilot confirms “this plane is heading to Chicago”).

Craft an INVITATION and disseminate it to the WHOLE Population . . . to anyone and everyone who might have passion to participate in discovering SOLUTIONS relative to the theme.

  • Open Space Technology has 5 Principles, 1″LAW”
  • Fueled by passion and taking responsibility
  • Wherever it happens is the right place
  • Whoever comes is the right people
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • Whatever happens is the only way it could have
  • When it’s over, it’s over!
  • The Law of 2 feet: If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive value . . . be USEFUL!


The “Agenda” begins with a BLANK Bulletin Board. 

Within 20 minutes of the beginning of the opening, That blank Bulletin Board will display MANY “Topics”(from 20ish-100ish) with designated, times places and the conveners


This Wild Goose will be a classic Open Space Technology meeting with the Theme Opening Space for Peace and equality“.

This will be a complete meeting with all of the the same transformative potential as groups of 2-1000 participants

My “Ultimate Scenario” is to Open Space on each morning of the Festival, and close the space each evening. This would offer more people opportunities to experience the whole experience of an Open Space meeting and provide deeper reflection regarding “Opening Space for Peace and Quality”

  • Will fuel the connections and conversations throughout the four days
  • Features a coming together at the beginning and at the end.
  • times, etc. )
  • work)
  • Go off the wall perhaps, building on the theme of “Does this sound familiar?

Harrison Owen speaks of Engaging 8 Billion People in Meaningful Conversations”.  This Festival  pulls people together through music, food, heart and minds.  It’s what’s needed.

Open Space Technology – A User’s Guide


BRILLIANT find from openspacetechnology org

US West video

Facebook – Open Space Technology

Wild Goose Festival — A short version invitation for highly engaged conversations

Imagine if the vibrant spirit around art, music, theatre, and spectacle of the 2003 Wild Goose Festival could fuel the most “engaging conversations” ever. Picture the amazing group of thought leaders, writers, dreamers, artists, visionaries, social justice activists, and peacemakers interacting with each other in ways they’ve never experienced before. The conversations would feel simple, easy, serious, and joyful, in a spirit of celebration and shared learning. It’s what “Open Space Technology” is all about: a beautiful wrap-around for your amazing festival and gathering. Open Space has proven its worth around the world, for nearly four decades, in all kinds of situations and venues.

We are three highly experienced individuals with uniquely different skills who passionately believe in highly engaged conversations to solve problems and create a better world and future. Our values, aspirations, and work are very aligned with the purpose and goals of the Wild Goose Festival. We have music and art in our souls while dedicated to life’s bigger issues through our work locally, nationally, and internationally. 

We would be honored to support you, collaborating and contributing in ways that will leave a lasting memory by building connections and relationships that will delight and surprise everyone. 

Wild Goose Festival — A longer version invitation for highly engaged conversations

Wild Goose Festival — A longer version invitation for highly engaged conversations

Betty Proctor is an elder in the United Methodist Church in the Tennessee Western Kentucky Conference. Her life and work celebrates empowering people in their leadership and spiritual journeys.

Joe Brodnicki is a retired consultant and management and team coach. He was known for using effective approaches, humor, and gentle persistence. . Joe has used Open Space in areas as diverse as solving labor disputes and  designing and implementing state-federal partnerships. He has volunteered as victim-offender reconciliation mediator and mentor to offenders transitioning from incarceration into the community. Joe lives in Hendersonville, TN, where he writes a little poetry and

makes music with some friends.

Barry Owen is a lifelong wonderer and noticer who BOLDLY lives simply in Open Space . . . practicing the FourFold Way. Barry enjoys serving others who seek living a healthy rhythm of life which all people desire and deserve. Barry lives in his slice of heaven Owen Hollow in Whites Creek, TN with his 3 pups Elsa, Tony, and Thor

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