Whose Life are you Living?

Many people are ever in search of “life balance”.

This is an excruciatingly elusive, fickle thing . . . Balance!

Y’see! The problem is that balance is an illusion . . . because EVERYTHING is ALWAYS moving.

It’s as if the entire Universe is conspiring to disrupt any and all appearances of balance forthwith.

I have witnessed perfectly reasonable, intelligent humans obsess about maintaining a pristine life of peace, harmony, and balance only to find themselves being disappointed and frustrated about their inability to “Get it” . . . Just about the time you think you’ve got it – something moves.

Be kinder to yourself than this!

Acknowledge that you are NOT in control over everything within your field of vision and/or experience.

Recognize that seldom does anything of significance happen according to our well laid plans.

There’s nothing wrong with you . . . You’re “normal”!

Let’s pursue a healthy life rhythm which honors the ebb and flow – the ups and downs – and the excitement of surprise. Be malleable, flexible, nimble and accepting of outcomes we haven’t expected.

Let go!

All of this is easier said than done!

I know because I’m just as prone as anyone to struggle against the natural order and flow.

I have put together a workshop that serves fairly well as “Training Wheels” for finding your own personal Life Rhythm.

This morning, I decided to offer it FREE on ZOOM – and if it works – streaming on Facebook Live.

6 Consecutive 2 hour sessions beginning Wednesday October 14, 2020.

Here https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6155022080

All of these are 10:00 til it’s over or Noon (whichever comes first)

1)Who are you, and Why are you here NOW? 10/14

2) Budgeting your Time, Energy, & Money 10/21
3) Working IN your Business 10/28
4) Working ON your Business 11/4
5) Working on your SELF 11/11
6) Achieving Consistent Persistent Rhythm 11/18

This is participatory workshop . . .

Are you ready to find your OWN personal Rhythm?

Join us!

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