Who do you know?

It seems that most of the folks I know rely on their smartphones for easy, immediate access to ANSWERS about – well – pretty much ANYTHING.

We have 24/7/365 access to any and every bit of information we could imagine with a swipe and a few taps, with our fingers, and VOILA!

Instant gratification happens in milliseconds, as we are rewarded with myriad websites serving relevant podcasts, YouTube videos, BLOGS, VLOGS, Facebook Groups . . . There’s LOTS of FREE “content” available for our entertainment.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s any such thing as “original thought” . . . as if EVERYTHING thinkable has already been thought and documented on the world wide web.

So . . . what is our worth to other people?

RELATIONSHIPS provide the leverage that fills in the gaps the World Wide Web cannot.

Some might mention that AI is nearing “relationshipish” quality . . . but I’ll take the position that the missing ingredient from this conversation is SPIRIT – SOUL – WISDOM.

How do we tap into this well of humanity in this cacophony of pervasive digital NOISE?

Let’s begin with deciding to being intentional about knowing the difference between digital or human.

Let’s do more “Inviting” and welcoming those who respond and show up. We know they will always be in the right place when we need them.

As I practice my career as a Residential Real Estate Sales Professional, I’m ever cognizant of the importance of relationships because these offer vitality . . . our life-sustaining water.

Success shows up when we, with clarity, invite others to walk with us.

I don’t “Sell” houses.

I build relationships with clients who are making BIG Lifestyle changes.

When you want or need to make a move anywhere on the planet, I hope you’ll connect with me . . . I’ll facilitate the details with soul.


Published by Barry Owen

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