Who are your people?

I’ve heard it said that, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you should go to a different room.

There are some things I DON’T like about this even as I think most of the folks saying this are doing so with tongue in cheek.

What of those people who think less of themselves than others?

Do they think of these smarty pants brainiacs as being arrogant knowitalls who have nothing to learn from them.

How do these less smart people feel now?

In this context, constructive dialogue is far less likely to ensue resulting in “US” and “THEM” and leaving a sparse chance to have the (much more rich) state of “WE”.

Try this – As you tumble through your day, intentionally pay attention to each and every person with whom you interact and presume that whoever comes is the right people. All of these people have shown up for the same reason . . . Whatever theme was stated in the myriad invitations resonated with each person enough to call them to action. Let’s call this: “A passion for this issue or opportunity . . . enough passion that every soul present has purposefully taken personal responsibility to show up and DO SOMETHING about THIS . . . NOW!

To have a say – a voice . . .

I believe every person has an inalienable right to contribute and/or to learn . . . ALWAYS!

To be HEARD . . .

Regardless of perceived smartness.

Strive to be a contributor . . . one of those people whose presence improves the ambiance of the space that is your bubble.

and . . . LET GO!

and LET’S (WE) GO!

Published by Barry Owen

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