Who are you anyway?

It’s exhausting to live the life of someone you are not!

Yet, many of us do this for the purpose of “furthering a career” or “keeping up with the Joneses” or to “belong” to a group hoping to gain fame and fortune by osmosis.

Guess what?

I believe you already have everything you need to be famous and worthy. This was “baked into you” upon conception.

Of course, you’ve honed yourself through the years based on on your accumulation of experiences and relationships, but you’ve never changed who you are at your core, and we love the REAL you more than any doppleganger. Even the most exact doppleganger is different than the original at the core.

So . . . If you find yourself anxious, tense, overwhelmed, tired, confused, scared, bored or any number of energy depleting emotions, I hereby prescibe the following medicane. As with any ailment, it’s not sufficient only to take your medicine . . . you must also participate in the healing process with a resolute intention to unravel the twisted web of Jungian learning that is smothering the real you.

I believe the most effective antidote is a solid course of taking a “Personality Test” and reserve at least 1/2 a day to “unpack” the results. My personal favorite test in the DISC.

TonyRobbins.com/DISC is a free test. While it’ll give you an amazing boost of confidence by helping you discover who you are, I recommend paying the $59 for the full report. This report offers great wisdom to guide you towards your authenteic self AND to help you understand other people and how they tick. Armed with this knowledge, I am certain you find more inner peace.

There are many other personality tests enneagram, strengthsfinder, myers brigg . . . Pick your poison 🙂

We want you to do this for yourself, because we want you to be the best you can be. As you shift to own, personal way, we all gain from your useful engagement because, every day, you will become less anxious, tense, overwhelmed, tired, confused, scared, bored or any number of energy depleting emotions.

Now GO!


Be Happy!


Published by Barry Owen

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