Which Thursday?

Conversation around the coffee pot . . .

We have a very important meeting on Thursday. Will you attend?

Ah! Yes! I saw that email notification and plan to be there.



Is it THIS Thursday, or NEXT Thursday?

The email just says: “Thursday”, So I am guessing it’s tomorrow, but that’s unusual to have such short notice for a meeting as important as this.

Who called this meeting, after all?

If FRED called this meeting THIS meeting for TOMORROW, we’re likely in deep tapioca because FRED ALWAYS gives AT LEAST a full week notice for a meeting such as this.

I’m betting it’s Sally who called the meeting because I heard her grumbling about the latest performance scores . . . I’ll bet she’s on the warpath with a vengeance.

We’d better drop our plans for today and dedicate the day to preparing for this meeting on Thursday.

Has anyone asked Mabel which Thursday this is? . . . Mabel ALWAYS knows what’s happening and when.

I just buzzed Mabel . . . She says her hair appointment is Thursday June 23, 2022.

While this is entertaining, isn’t it MUCH more efficient to publish DATES than to spin us all in this vortex?

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