Where is your life rhythm on the spectrum of FLOW to CACOPHONY?

Each and all of us have a unique Rhythm of our lives.

Some of us seem to have it ALL TOGETHER, but are actually like ducks – calm and unruffled on the surface but puddling feverishly underneath

How often do you PAUSE your “game”, take a step back, and take a moment to check your azimuth?

Is the life you are living NOW the life you wish to be living?

Are you following YOUR authentic heart, or have you veered off-course?

I find this intentional pausing of my game to be VERY liberating, as even slight deviation from my “true North” NOW results in a potentially veritable CHASM between the intended destination and reality.

Easer said than done, Eh?

because the Universe is ever conspiring to grab our precious attention to distract us from mission accomplishment.





Be Nice

Tell the Truth

Be present



Have FUN

Let Go!




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