Where are you going?

Have you watched many soccer games?

I have . . . Literally hundreds in the period of over a decade of my 2 daughters playing.

Throughout all of those years, I learned a LOT about focus.

The really talented soccer players weren’t always the strongest or fastest.

The high performers were the ones who understood focus at a very high level.

Wired into their DNA was a keen awareness of where they were going.

When they lost a ball or failed to score, these champions relegated this misfortunate happening to being “unlucky”, and they quickly redirected their focus on the field of play.

These were the players who mastered the ability to focus on where the ball was going . . . NOT where the ball is now. In this way, these magicians consistently outmaneuvered their opponents because they were creating THEIR game instead of worrying about the other team’s play.

With this level of focus, there would be random amazing moments of flow during which it would seem they were the only players on the field.

It’s THIS intensity of focus that get’s us where we want to go.

Did you pick up on the nuance that these high performers often were not the most athletic players on the field?

Pin-point Focus creates conditions that pave the way for unstoppable success . . . unless, of course, they lose focus.

There’s one anomaly that is present at ALL levels of soccer play . . . That is when a striker approaches the opposing goal, an excruciating number of shots go directly into the awaiting hands of the goalie.

Why does this happen?

Because the striker’s focus shifts focus ever so briefly upon the goalie thereby distracting them from the high corner scoring target.

It’s a natural happening – The ball simply went where the Striker’s focus was when the ball left the foot.

Where’s YOUR focus?

How intentional are you with respect to preserving and protecting this sacred focus all the way through to a SCORE?

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