When isThe BEST time to buy and/or sell a house?

This is an often asked question of Real estate sales Professionals.

As a seasoned Real Estate Advisor, I feel that my most sensible response MUST be along the lines of:

“Why do you ask?

While this is assuredly NOT an ANSWER . . . it IS a question which opens space for “Peeling the onion” of your WHY.

Often, this space opens wonderful opportunities for curiosity . . . “Let’s imagine the possibilities ahead if you were to take the plunge in this process of Buying and/or Selling a house. How could this move change your life?


Are you entertaing this move because of News of housing prices or interest rates rising or falling?

Is this a desire for a lifestyle change – Moving from the burbs into the city – or vica versa?

Has your family grown in number and size of people?

Maybe you’re toying with the idea to move to that place where you’ve ALWAYS wanted to live on the beach?

Perhaps, you’re secretly wishing to change your job which happens to be in another city.

Here’s my bottom line . . .

If you’re thinking about making a move . . . Just DO IT!

Serve your WHY NOW!

Let go &

Let’s GO!

Why in this mundane world would you want to deprive yourself of living your dream?

Anything less than that for a few dollars or lower interest rates or inconvenience is squandering your vitality!

I’m poised and ready to take care ALL of your Home Sale and/or purchase virtually anywhere on Planet Earth

Give me a Holler, and let’s talk about your Why!



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