When Encountering A Veritable GODsend

Sometimes, GOD throws crazy scenarios at us . . .

Ideas (Directions?) that don’t seem to be sensible – and we humans are often quick to judge and dismiss . . . even GOD’s words without proper consideration.

Who am I to question?

Must I understand this GODsend before “approving” taking this new path?

How strong is my faith in GOD?

Within every day that I live, unexplainables occur that I consider to be MIRACLES even when they are subtle happenings which most of us humans relegate to “Chance”, “Luck”, or “Coincidence.”

Since I’ve been noticing these encounters, there’s more joy in my life.

If you’re struggling with your faith, I highly recommend strike up an on-going conversation with God simply by LISTENING and participating more fully with the Lord.

You don’t need to tell ANYONE what you’re doing that is giving you a new, vibrant hue . . . Just keep on smiling!

Oh yeah!

Don’t forget that I am ramping up my Residential Sales career – Any and ALL referrals are LOVED!

Spooling up to FULL BORE

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