What’s YOUR role in this Debacle?

Well! You’ve stepped in the proverbial feces and SOMEONE must be PUNISHED for this egregious Charlie Foxtrot (aka “Cluster F__k)

Let’s open an investigation, decide who’s at fault, and summarily discharge the culprit at high noon in the break room . . . after which, we can return to our cubicles or zoom meetings to waste away the remainder of the day.

As time passes, people talk and start wondering: “It seems that there were some other people who seemed to have been partly to blame for this unfortunate circumstance.”

This is a very uncomfortable situation as more and more appear to be complicit in the happening of this transgression.

The discomfort continues to fester and seems to self-perpetuate into a beast of its own.

What’s happening here?

What is this cancerous malady that’s attacking our team culture?

It’s becoming apparent that WE are the culprits – ALL of us – Unless we’re deciding not to be a team!

More about this in today’s Drive time FB message:


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