What’s your outlook for June 2020?

Let’s resolve to turn a page starting TODAY, the first day of a freshly minted month (June).
This month has SO much potential in terms of creating new opportunities  from the myriad possibilities all around us.
Accept all that has been happening the past several months and think about how we can co-create a better world incorporating our new ways of being useful.
My mind is spinning as I think back a few days (way back in May) of the roller coaster ride we are all experiencing – Tornadoes and Derechos and disease and civil discord and destruction natural and man created . . . yet there are other amazing things happening – SpaceX happened without complication . . . I was without cell access for 48 hours, and my world didn’t stop.
The way through all of these challenges is a commitment to living the mantra of “better than before” in everything we do.
Resolve to be intentional about improving our work – our relationships – our self worth – our personal and collective well-being.
And pay attention (Honor) others’ fears as each of us does our best.
I feed my soul with “imagining possibilities” . . . Possibilities that serve myself and others.
Let’s all resolve to amplify whatever it is we are doing to be better than before.
This is NOT the time to cower or struggle or fight.
This IS the right time to follow your passion
Let’s GO!Barry Owen
CEO/Principal Broker
Pareto Realty, LLC \pə-ˈrā-(ˌ)tō\

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