What will you do to WIN?

Is winning the game the MOST important thing?

Will you throw all caution in the wind, pull out all the stops, mash the pedal to the floor, and go for broke . . . just for the WIN?

Does it matter what other people think about you after you WIN?

Will it matter to you if your competition walks away thinking you play dirty?

Is WINNING worth losing relationships?

What got me thinking about this was last night’s game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Those Penguins played D.I.R.T.Y, and they WON . . . and I respect them much less now than I did before that game. Before that game, I had admiration for their star player (Crosby) because he has an amazing career and clearly has a Mastery level of skill and expertise on the ice.

Last night, Crosby was a thug on the ice . . . plain and simple.

Truthfully, he (and others on his team) didn’t have to be that way to win that game. The Predators were off their game, and those Penguins could have kept it clean and still won that game handily.

and then I heard one of the announcers (who showed real lack of class more than a few times) celebrating how the Penguins were punishing the Predators not so much to win game 5 but to DAMAGE the Predators and wear them down so as to beat them in game 6. The implication was that the Penguins were intentionally trying to injure the Predators . . . to win the cup in game 6.

This was a matter of “kicking the predators while they were down” and was unnecessary.

I see this play out sometimes in Real Estate transactions. Some of the sweetest agents can morph in Satan himself and push ALL the ethical and legal and socially acceptable boundaries just for the WIN.

Of course on our side of things, we don’t know if that agent is the thug or if it’s that agent’s client who’s the thug.

What we do know is that this a very toxic way to do business and does more damage than good in the long run.

So . . . Negotiate hard and win what you can win in good conscience . . . and keep it clean lest you isolate yourself from you colleagues.

Then where will you be?

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