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You’ve earned and received your real estate license.

This is, in and of itself, an accomplishment many applicants don’t achieve.

Now is time for you to realize that you are opening your very own BUSINESS. Your mindset must begin with you accepting FULL responsibility for attaining the level of success which will provide the income to support and sustain the quality of life you desire. 

NO ONE can do this part for you, and there are no short-cuts between now and your desired outcome.

Begin with an understanding that your real estate practice is, indeed, a practice. The best Real Estate sales Agents truly are professionals. These are hard working entrepreneurs entering a field of work in which there are innumerable competitors.

The reality is that virtually EVERYONE YOU KNOW already knows 12 Realtors. Additionally, NONE of the people you know know you as a Real Estate Sales professional, so your first and most important mission is to earn the “Mindshare” of everyone you know to know you as being their sole source for all things real estate.

To some degree, you must do whatever it takes (Within legal and ethical boundaries) to be FAMOUS as THE Realtor to call when ANYONE you know has a need to buy or sell a house. Even better, these people are your “Sphere of influence” who already know, like, and trust you and they want YOU to succeed and will refer THEIR family, friends, and work associates as long as you let them know that you are accepting clients.

Beyond this, know that this is sales process which you will be executing. This process doesn’t change from transaction to transaction, but the experience is ALWAYS unique to each client because every client has differing needs and wants . . . and this is likely their largest transaction with the most at stake (Quality of life desires). 

Always remember that the client makes ALL of the decisions, and your role is to inform, counsel, and execute the process.

So . . . How do you make yourself FAMOUS? 

You MUST do this every single day of your career with intentional “Lead Generation” . . . connecting with people you already know and meeting lots of people you haven’t met. The lifeblood of your career is one of gathering people who know you as THEIR Realtor for LIFE!

This may seem to be a daunting task, and it is if you attempt to work with everyone on Planet Earth. 

Instead, follow the path of being a Quintessential professional. Become a career “Student” of the Local, City, State, and national real estate environment and always seek new knowledge. Much of this will be experiential learning “OJT” (on the job training) and as an indefatigable voracious reader of statistics and trends as reported in myriad reliable sources.

The High levels of success show up when you acknowledge that your practice is a BUSINESS and then conduct your career accordingly.

This begins with putting a lot of thought into identifying your niche. 

Who do you want to serve? 

Where are these people?

WHY do you have passion for serving these people instead of all of the others?

With a defined niche, how can you communicate to the general public your Unique selling proposition? 

Create your own BRAND such that you organically attract the right people (your niche).

The bottom line of building a successful Real Estate Practice?

  • You manage and execute the process, and your client makes the decisions
  • Define a Niche within which you are FAMOUS
  • Gather people – Lead Generate EVERY DAY
  • FOCUS on building your Personal BRAND
  • Last but not least . . . Take care of yourself (Spirit – Mind – Body) because success comes from within . . . We cannot serve others very well,  if we are personally depleted
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