We are ALL learning . . . ALWAYS!

While walking the dogs this morning, I passed a neighbor who was walking her dog (Molly is Apollo’s official “Girlfriend,” but that’s another story).

While the dogs sniffed each other and did their customary dance of joy, we humans made small talk.

She mentioned that she “was just getting ready for school” . . . and then got a thoughtful look and said: “Well! I guess I’ve been going to school since I was 5 because I’ve been a teacher my whole life.”

I nodded acknowledgement . . . then  we both spontaneously said: “I guess we’ve ALL been in school our whole lives!

I’ll never forget my 2nd grade teacher who would tell us that if we were only to learn ONE new thing EVERY day, we would find success and happiness.

Ms. Seay was right!

Some people graduate from school and stop being intentional about learning.

The brain is a muscle that, when not exercised, will atrophy.

Keeping the mind active through continuous learning has proven to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

The most successful and vibrant people on the planet are the ones whose minds are veritable sponges for new knowledge.

Everyone gains new knowledge in different ways . . . IN the adult world, the schools are myriad.

We learn experientially.

We learn vicariously through others.

We read books, the internet, newspapers, magazines . . .

We watch educational TV.

We learn through continuing education for our careers.

We learn by attending conferences and mingling with our colleagues.

We CAN learn all of these ways and MORE!

My question to you is: “DO you INTENTIONALLY continue to keep yourself on a lifelong path of learning?”

So . . . What have YOU learned today?

If “Nothing yet” was your response, I figure you’ve got about 7.5 hours 🙂


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