We all already know how to do this

The Universe is an amazing self-organizing thing.

It’s the quintessential example of what can be accomplished with just 4 ingredients when fueled by passion and the taking of responsibility.

Breath(e) – Identify any important, complex issue or opportunity for which some people care about (a theme). Even better if this is an assemblage of people with great diversity of status, perspective, opinions, egos, levels of “education” ranging from little to magnanimous thereby presenting potential for conflicting ideas (beliefs). Turn the heat up with a need for speedy resolution, and give it a title (A Theme).

Circle – Invite all of these people who care about this theme to take responsibility for their passion by coming together to explore possibilities. Create a circle for best interaction/communication. All are equal, and all are vested in doing whatever it takes to reach resolution.

Bulletin Board – Create a “place” where all participants have equal, unfettered access to post topics relating to the theme. The “form” of this bulletin is not prescribed – Could be a blank wall, paper, Magic Markers, and tape . . . A Trello Board . . . a shared google doc . . . a napkin in a restaurant . . . “Chat” in a ZOOM meeting . . . cork board in the community hang-out place

Marketplace – Open the space for every member to create a personal agenda by “signing up” to attend the topics that resonate. Offer myriad “break-out” spaces and propose some semblance of a schedule (Sessions at 9 & 10:30 – Lunch Noon til 2 – Sessions at 2 and 3:30).

Suggest that there be a “scribe” in each topic session to capture the essence and any relevant NOW ACTIONS – Projects to initiate – or “someday” innovations.

No further “instructions” necessary because there’s work to be done.

Seth Godin’s blog post today is relevant

Bulletins vs bulletin boards

So . . . from now on . . . You know what to do when you (or someone else) thinks that


Foe every Theme the right people will come to the right place at EXACTLY the right time and whatever happens will be the only thing could have, and when it’s over, it’s OVER!

PS: For better results, deploy the law of 2 feet: “If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are are neither contributing nor receiving anything of value, know that it is your right and responsibility to take yourself (use your 2 feet) to a place where you can contribute and/or receive something of value. (Short form: “Always be USEFUL!

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