Monday Morning Coffee – Walkable Nashville

Everyone I know who lives in Nashville LOVES living in Nashville.

The only gripe I consistently hear is “NO SIDEWALKS!!

Unfortunately, that’s a valid gripe in many areas of town. Sure, there are now some very walkable parts of town in the Urban areas – East Nashville, 12 South . . . But these are few and are not not necessarily areas that all people want to live in.

Shouldn’t there be “Equality” with respect to safe walking and biking in neighborhoods throughout the city?

After all, I do know that one of the main foci of our current Mayor is a focus on “Healthful Living” . . . The Healthier Lifestyle Nashvillians live, the better life we all will have . . . and to some degree, the Mayor understands that some of the burden is on the city to take appropriate steps towards helping our citizens do more outside.

25 new parks and Greenways are in the works in the next few years . . . hopefully creating an unbroken riverside access throughout the city.

A lot of that is yet to exist . . . and there’s a real craving for folks to be able to live in a neighborhood in which they can walk and bike safely without having to compete for road space with trucks and cars.


Having said all of the above, I’d like to highlight one particular Neighborhood which is quintessentially walkable and little known. the residents in this neighborhood have an ever-expanding range of places they can go on foot SAFELY using sidewalks that have been there for YEARS.

For years, this area has been known as “Residence Row” because its location is ultra-convenience and affordability for Vanderbilt Residents . . . Fast access to I-40, all hospitals, downtown etc.

Debbie Owen (615-485-8833 is offering a wonderful house on one of the best streets in the area (We lived on this street for 12 years :-)) . . . Great Neighbors and OH SO WALKABLE.

5548 Kendall Drive  – Click for more information 

The Richland Greenway via the “Knob Road Connector” – Gives you Greenway access to Sylvan Park, McCabe Golf Course, and Belle Meade.

Belle Meade Plaza

The Wild Hare – A new and VERY cool restaurant on White Bridge



Harris Teeter

Office Max

Office Depot

Sports Seasons

McCabe Golf Course

McCabe’s Pub

Local Taco


St Thomas Hospital

Work? Belle Meade Office space and executive suites

Dalts Grill


J Alexander’s



Lion’s Head

Pier One

Your Bank

Belle Meade Liquors

and myriad other places . . .

Heck! You could get a great house on a fantastic level, fenced yard . . . sell your car . . . and live a healthier lifestyle as you walk to get whatever it is you need?


There IS a “Walkable Nashville” 🙂

Hope you have a great week!



Pareto Realty was founded on the fundamental belief that LOCAL Community Matters. We are here to serve House Buyers and Sellers and to support our local small businesses . . . all of that works quite well together as the city becomes more walkable 🙂

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