Visionary – Doer – Driver

3 important players for any/every project . . .

The Visionary imagines some some potential in a scenario.

The timing seems right to explore the possibilities, so the Visionary does what visionaries do with all exciting new ideas . . . A few days of dreaming . . . putting some pen to paper . . . playing the “Pros and Cons” game . . . and the vision becomes more clear.

The tipping point happens at the moment this visionary forms such a crystal clear of the finished project that it’s time to “let the cat out of the bag” . . . Most visionaries won’t talk openly about these “inventions” until they’ve done a fair amount of diligence, because . . . well – because everyone they know, knows they are dreamers and are “always” dreaming . . . Over time, visionaries are “taught” not to verbalize their ideas until the baking is done lest the people closest to them burst their bubbles prematurely.

We all know 80% (or more) of these initiatives never make it to completion/fruition, but that’s OK because there are at least another dozen ideas queued up in the recesses of their minds.

Visionaries understand the probable “failure rate” and thrive on the sliver of possibility of hitting pay-dirt. When they win, they win . . . LARGE!

Smart visionaries eventually learn that their batting average of success increases precipitously when they align with the right partners . . . Doers and Drivers!

The doers get things do the hard work of designing and constructing the project and and the Drivers drive the process.

All of these partners are equally essential.

Don’t be the jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to building something new.

That’s akin to accepting “average” . . . Instead, find the right partners and Strive for excellence.

Visionary – doer – driver

Posted by Barry Owen on Monday, August 3, 2020

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