Vaporizing Location-Location-Location

Well . . . For eons, the adage for real estate has been the 3 “Ls” . . .




You can’t go wrong, if you buy in the HOTTEST location.

Well – In the current market, Location isn’t proving to be king.

It seems that, if the structure is standing with reasonable condition, it’s gonna SELL regardless of location.

Meanwhile, the internet continues to provide an array of new ways Home Buyers and Sellers can Buy & Sell houses . . . and apparently not much thought that this is likely going to be THE LARGEST financial transaction of their LIVES.

Like lemmings jumping to their demise along the Alaskan coast’ , there they go.

Realtors are rejoicing as many of the MLS systems increase their reach as the big fish eat the little fish, and there’s much conversation that the WHOLE of North America could be served in every market one day.

This scares the bejeebers out of me!

When/if that day comes? Armed with the appropriate State licenses, agents will be able to work anywhere anytime whether they know the market or not.

This, my friends will be the end of the “Real Estate Sales PROFESSIONAL . . . 1.4 Million Jacks of all trades and masters of none.

This will quickly become a race to the bottom.

What’s the inevitability of this happening?

I think it’s got a shot at prevailing . . .



There we will be a select “Vital Few” Real Estate Sales PROFESSIONALS who will refuse to compromise their Luxury Service standard.

140,000 Warriors

They will carve out unique Niches where they will quietly be the stalwart guardians who continue serving exceptional service.

STAND STRONG Brothers and Sisters!

Let’s hold this line of Professionalism!

I ramble on about this in this morning’s BarrysDriveTime video

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