Unseen Unheard Tragedy Surrounds Us

As the expiration of the statewide “Stay at home order” will expire April 30 here in Tennessee, I sense some excitement from lots of folks with expectations that things will now shift significantly upon the dawning of May 1.
I know this is not reality, and I believe there are many people who will remain in panic because they are in “Survival Mode” and are too proud to ask for help to put food on their tables and keep roofs over their heads. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

There’s already talk of a new (2nd) wave of covid that’ll be more robust than this one . . . arriving within 3ish months . . . just enough time for many people to right their ships only to face another horrendous storm.¬†
Of course, none of this may happen – no one knows . . . but we’ve learned (I hope) that preparedness for ANYTHING is important . . . and not possible because we must always expect to be surprised even when our early detection instruments sound alarms to warn us.
I’m thinking many people are in personal crisis – People whose resources are gone (Money, food, mounting debt, paltry handouts from the government, charitable organizations).
How do we help these people when we don’t know who they are . . . Especially when they are in denial and/or too proud to ask for help?
When the tornadoes hit Nashville, we KNEW who needed help, and we ALL rushed there and did whatever needed to be done. We knew who needed help . . . those whose neighborhoods were reduced to rubble.
Today’s crisis is just as horrific for many people, and we want to help them, but we cannot know where they are. Some are in million dollar houses, and others in “working class neighborhoods” all with no food or support.¬†
This crisis (As with all crises) does not discriminate . . . NO ONE is exempt, and I feel that EVERYONE is responsible.
In 2008, a friend and Father of a friend of Jessica and Allison’s killed himself because the economic crash left him penniless¬†. . . and NO ONE – not even his wife – knew he was in trouble. I think of him often . . . If only SOMEBODY knew, he might not have driven to the middle of a local park, called the police to report a suicide (his own), and shot himself.
How many people are “out there” in this state of mind today?
The statistics of the COVID19 virus don’t tell this story.
So . . . Last night during a zoom call Board meeting, the question was raised: “What should we do for our membership?”
My idea was to reach out to everyone we can to let them know that we care and that all of their colleagues care and that, if they are in crisis wherever they are in this world, we are “here” for them”.
If this saves ONE SINGLE life it will have been a GodSend.
So . . . What can YOU do?

I wonder if you were to establish a “safe place” as a “Main Gathering Space” for your family, friends, work associates, neighbors, and acquaintances to gather for mutual support, what difference might it make for folks who feel emotionally destitute? This could be a closed Facebook group – A whats app – Email listserve – or any on-line platform (ZOOM) – Create a Bulletin Board (With Trello?) for members to post relevant issues and opportunities – and see what happens.

I believe this has potential to be a life saving/enhancing endeavor for all.
This is easier than you might think.

Simply issues an invitation to everyone you know.

The right people WILL show up, and together y’all will make a difference in the lives of many humans.

While you (as “organizer/Facilitator) can participate at any level, my advice for you is not to commit to any specific role other than Opening/Creating this safe space and “Caring for this space” rather than micromanging the how).
I think this is an important issue that merits being heard by as many people possible.
My belief is that this outreach is a responsibility of all humans
There now . . . I said it!
Hope your Wednesday is rich and fruitful

Let’s GO!

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