Tonya Taylor Made me want to switch to Comcast

For many years, I’ve had a “love/Hate” relationship with #Comcast.

Actually more hate than love for most of these years. I have only kept them as my internet provider because they have the best (most stable) product (FAST and reliable internet).

My beef is that I had NEVER had a stellar customer representative experience. Any time I knew I would need to call customer support, I dreaded it like the plague. Long wait times – Rude Reps – Always SELLING me on stuff I don’t need or want . . . The bottom line is that my perception of every call was that it was a waste of my time . . . and I HATE it when other people are frivolous with MY time . . .


As I prepare to move the #ParetoRealty office into a new space where internet is provided, I have dreaded even the thought of making this disconnect call to Comcast, but I knew that I would need to do it 30 days early, so I bit the bullet and called yesterday.

I was prepared for unpleasant surprise(s), and I did, indeed have a doozy pop up – The 2 year agreement I signed 2 years ago somehow mystically morphed into a 3 year agreement all by itself.

The Rep was an engaging and FUN person with a positive attitude and friendly disposition. She assured me that she would get us through this glitch because she saw that I had been a customer for MANY years (Since the day they offered service Nashville).

As she worked on things, she checked back with me every couple minutes. I didn’t have that “Mushroom feeling” (Being put in a dark, damp place and fed feces).

She did, indeed, pull out ALL of the stops to sell me on sying with Comacast and assured me that I would regret leaving and that I would be back to them within a couple months. I knew that would not be the case because I am confident that the new office will have more than adequate internet speed and bandwidth for my needs.

We got the cancellation completed, and she told me she was Tonya Taylor, and she was glad she could serve me and that she looks forward to seeing me back at Comcast soon.

Tonya impressed me SO much, I actually started thinking of ways I COULD have Comcast, so this morning, I connected with Chat on Comcast to see if they could serve my Homestead #OwenHollow (Remote and barely on the grid) . . . Sadly, they cannot do it – The cost would be too high for just 1 customer.

Ah well – At least I know who to call if/when I DO reconnect with Comcast

We need more Tonyas in this world 🙂

Thank you Tonya!

More about this in todays Drive Time Video

Comcast Tonya Taylor

Posted by Barry Owen on Thursday, August 27, 2020

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