Time is not yours to waste

You can’t waste something you don’t possess.

We have full access to ALL of the time all the time.

Time is always free and available for all of us equally.

We cannot hoard, save, squander, buy, sell, give, take, offer, steal, burn. bend, shape . . . time.

For eons, we humans have boldly named and studied the passing of time relative to virtually everything within range of all of our senses.

Guess what!

Time has always been and always will be here after we’re gone.

. . . an unlimited resource

. . . unless you believe you own it

Good luck domesticating it.

Instead of worrying about time, let’s pay more attention to being who we are, why we are here, and practicing our unique art.

We know that we are in our element when time stands still . . . when we are so engrossed with performing our work that we lose track of time.

So . . . what time is it and does it really matter?

More about this in this morning’s drive time video

Time is never wasted

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Published by Barry Owen

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