Time FLIES when you’re having fun – Don’t be a spectator

Just in case you haven’t noticed . . . Time passes whether you’re paying attention or not.

Time flies when you’re having fun because you are ENGAGED and most probably more in alignment with your real PURPOSE while you are having fun (Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun).

It’s all those other, less interesting, times when I suspect that you are really being not much more than a spectator . . . an observer . . . a bystander . . . on the sidelines where it’s “safer” because you don’t have to stick your neck out and risk engagement at a level that earns you responsibility and accountability.

It’s easier not to act . . . and not to follow purpose (that requires focus and discipline) . . . and not follow rules . . . being carefree and “irresponsible” can be fun in occasional binges, but seldom serve us well as long term strategies for success and happiness.

While it’s fun to watch (be a spectator) you earn your position as a “Know you, Like you, Trust you friend and professional” by taking appropriate action.

I expanded on these ideas in yesterday’s Monday Morning Coffee – Everyday Greatness – This month’s book club book is Stephen Covey’s Everyday Greatness – Inspiration for a Meaningful Life. Follow the link to the “Pareto Store” where you can grab a copy so you can read along with us. How could you not be curious about a book by THAT title?

Speaking of TAKING action and ENGAGING – Join us at any (or all) of the events below. they are ALL FREE . . . No strings attached . . . Just events you can choose to attend where you will meet other professionals in environments where learning and sharing are what happens . . . In reverse order 🙂 

May 5 (Cinco De Mayo) Nashville Real Estate Consortium – A FULL day Conference in a self-organizing meeting format. Bring your ideas and a fresh mind to this environment of @ 200 REALTORS and @ 25 local businesses around the theme:  Leveraging REALTOR and LOCAL Business relationships to Fortify Nashville, Tennessee’s Economy – Your only cost is lunch (which comes on-site on wheels – The Cheeserie, Pizza Buds, the Latin Truck) and we conclude with on whale of a party. Grab a ticket here

April 7 Path2Buy Lunch & Learn – Scott Layden rolls out a great program that is sure to create good lead generation for anyone who opts in – FREE lunch – Just RSVP

March 21 Life Rhythm Workshop – Join us to explore your Life Purpose . . . and learn some cool ways to TAKE appropriate action to move you towards that purpose – You’re invited! (9 AM-12 Noon – 15 Max) – FREE – Just RSVP

Hope to see you “out there IN the game”



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