This isn’t optional

I’m sorry, but this is what it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Don’t hyperventilate!

Don’t go into a tirade about how you don’t have time for this . . . It won’t help.

In fact, your tirade might have the opposite effect. Those folks who can fix your problem may work a little slower or cut corners to get it “fixed” faster . . . resulting in more angst for all.



Bestill your racing brain!

Accept the probable fact that no one has done this to you . . . It just happened!

Is someone bleeding or dead?



That’s good news!

We can get to the other side of this without any bloodshed if only we can keep our heads on an even keel and put on our creative hats.

Let’s start by finding the right people qualified to fix the problem. I recommend a true expert – a professional. Find this person and gladly pay their FULL fee without bellyaching (Remember – THEY didn’t do this to you . . . They are here to help you through).

Authorize this expert to go to work on the issue and get out of her way. Let her work her magic.

Now . . . Go about the business of restructuring your life flow . . . Reschedule or cancel appointments, make contact with anyone and everyone who may be affected by your inconvenient distraction from your normal flow.

and let it go . . .


It really IS going to be OK!

This post is relevant in all things – Buying or selling a house, car breaks down, HVAC in house goes kaput, satellite falls out of the sky and lands on your boat parked in your yard . . .

(This post written in the Service department of Ford Lincoln of Franklin where I will reside for most of today because my entire brake system in my truck failed while I was driving to work this morning. They’ll have me going in a few hours. Life could be a LOT worse 🙂



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