The power of Specificity

My Bible reading this morning is from Exodus Chapter 25 in which God, in GREAT detail, dictates a Blueprint for the preparation of every detail imaginable for Moses to complete for his meeting to deliver the Covenant at Sinai to Moses.

This level of detail is remarkable, to say the least, and this certainly must have been a daunting charge for Moses.

Some folks might think God is being a bit “control Freakish”, but this is IMPORTANT.

I think this is such a GIFT of God to Moses.

The goal/Mission is clear in great detail – a blueprint for success – SMART (Specific- Measureable – Realistic – Attainable – Timebound

The goal is CLEAR!

How often do we fail to do the MOST important FIRST move tackling any/all projects . . . Create a Blueprint which is clear enough that all participants can see the finished product in minute detail in our mind’s eyes before we begin working?

With this level of understanding, efficiency and singleness of purpose, the execution of the building process flows effortlessly.

How would your quality of life improve if you were to adapt this blueprint modus operandi in everything you do?

hmmmm a blueprint for every day – week – month – year – project and so on.

I can imagine a world of more clarity of purpose in everything we do – relationships – Self Truth – Love – PEACE . . . more understanding leading to MUCH more JOY!

Thank you God!

Let go . . . and LET’s GO!


Published by Barry Owen

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