The Power of Singleness of Purpose

Through the years, I’ve been chewing on the yin and yang of “To be a MASTER of Multitasking . . . or to be the less popular MASTER of Single tasking?”

Among the mass of humans living their versions of desperation, are the Jacks of all trades Masters of none?


Are there Superhumans who take pride in their uncanny multitasking abilities accomplishing more than those of us who aren’t?

Having lived on this earth for 60 years, I have observed that “Single-tasking” gets me further and with better quality . . . in ALL ways.

Believe me! I have MUCH experience in both ways.

When I am FOCUSED on ONE thing, I find higher levels of success personally and professionally.

My most recent experiment regarding this adventure was the past 15 years which was a WILD ride with a litany of “simultaneous careers”

Real Estate Sales working with home Buyers and sellers

Real Estate trainer

Real estate Coach

Life Rhythm Life coach

Open Space Technology Facilitator

Real Estate Principal Broker

Real Estate Managing Owner (Pareto Realty)

For all those years, I am realizing that I was never a “MASTER” of ANY of them.

The best thing that’s happened that awakened my to a new reality was when I found myself facing a diagnosis of Prostrate Cancer which took me out of ALL of these roles for a solid YEAR.

2 weeks ago, I got the “Cancer Free” news.

Now what?

Do I go back into all of these roles, or do I try something different?

Initially, I thought: “YES”

Then I decided to do something RADICALLY DIFFERENT!

I decided to MASTER ONE THING.

For my next career (20 Years) . . . The SINGLE Trade I have chosen to MASTER is:

Real Estate SALES . . . Nothing more!

SO . . . PLEASE!

Support my charge to MASTER

The Support I hope to gain from you will cost you nothing other than your sincere endorsement of my Services to your Family, Friends, Work Associates, and ANYONE you learn is contemplating a move (Change of Lifestyle)

It’s EASY to be one of my advocates.

When you learn of ANYONE in the mood for a move, simply send their contact to me, and I’ll call them to schedule an initial consultation.

Simply Call or Text 615-568-2123

or Email


PS – Stay tuned for ANOTHER Exciting Announcement soon

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