The Pain Won’t Kill You!

I was feeling fat and lazy the past few months.

The truth is that I had not been exercising enough and was in a spiralling down “food quality” trend. Please indulge me as I divulge my “excuse” for letting myself go . . . It’s been stifling HOT and HUMID here in Nashville for a LOOOONG time, so exercising outside was out of the question.

A couple months ago, I signed up for a membership at the YMCA and declared that I would develop a habit of going to the gym and swimming and all that . . . It didn’t happen because I don’t have the proper gear – No tennis shoes – No swim goggles – and it’s been VERY easy not to have the time to go to the gym. So . . . The YMCA gets my monthly $65 donation, and my physical deterioration continues unfettered.

In the interest of “being comfortable”, I’ve managed to thwart all of my feeble attempts at establishing a good work-out routine for several months.

When I returned from my summer vacation in Maine, I decided that I would DO SOMETHING about my lethargic ways.

No more alcohol

Slice the ingestion of calories by more than 1/2

Start a Hiking regimen

I’ve been doing well. I already feel better and, while I’m not weighing myself, I know that I have already lost pounds.

Labor Day weekend I Hiked a total of 12 Miles of rough terrain at a brisk pace. As I write this, I can feel pain in places that have never before hurt . . . and I am thankful for this pain . . . It’s confirmation that I did something beyond my comfort zone.

Most people won’t voluntarily change habits until their pain and suffering due to the bad habits becomes more than “paying the price” of getting on the right path.

The pain won’t kill you, but doesn’t it make sense to listen to it?

How much pain must you endure before to you commit to change?

Why not sooner?

(I’m paying the HUGE price of a knee on fire)

What Battles are you evading?

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