The Momentum of a potluck Dinner

For many years (all of my years), I have been on a quest for the right Church for me. I was born into a legacy of Episcopalian Clergy Including My GrandFather (Bishop), his Father, and My Father, and have “identified” as an Episcopalian most of my life. The “High Church” was my comfort zone because it was predictable – The Hymns, the liturgy, the Sermons which always resonated. I attended Catholic Church in Nashville and Unitarian Universalist, and Episcopal . . . that ONE RIGHT Church Family has been elusive.

Until now!

6 Months ago, I met Betty Proctor who quickly became a friend, and confidant who just happens to be the Pastor of Hillsboro United Methodist Church in the magical community of Leipers Fork in Franklin, TN.

Well! Pastor Betty invited me to come to Sunday Worship, and I attended my first Service. I arrived knowing only Pastor Betty and left that day feeling certain that I had finally found my Spiritual family.

6 months later, I find myself KNOWING that THIS is the Church family I’ve been seeking all these years.

The past 6 months, I have witnessed this Church family support each other and the community of Leipers Fork through sorrow (Death of members) and Joy (Weddings and Births) . . . with a healthy dose of CELEBRATION which invariably concludes with the most amazing Potluck feasts.

This community has this potluck rhythm down to a veritable art form.

Something I’ve learned . . . a healthy relationship with God and the right Worship Family fosters perfect conditions to Celebrate . . . always.

Published by Barry Owen

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