The Gestation Period of a Real Estate Transaction May be Longer than you think

Yesterday, I was in a conversation with a non-Realtor who said something to the effect:

“You Realtors have it easy! When I bought MY house, it only took less than a month to close.”

Like shooting fish in a barrel for MY Real estate agent.



My 1st response was: “Your Realtor is an exceptional Professional, because she led you through a very complex transaction with minimal impact on your Psyche nor reason to worry.

Every Real Estate transaction involves as many as 40+ people, and the Realtor(s) are the quarterbacks.

Realtors – Home Buyers and Sellers (and their respective families who always want to have a say) – Home Inspectors (Structure, Systems, Termite, Radon, HVAC, & etc) – Appraisers – Lenders – Repair tradesfolk – Surveyors . . . and the list goes on . . . and no 2 transactions are EVER the same, so your Realtor must be alert and nimble when the inevitable SURPRISES show up.

We Realtors are fully present throughout the whole process and largely invisible getting things done while shielding our fiduciaries from potential harm.

and then there’s that thing about . . . when the transaction closes . . . your Realtor must ALWAYS be looking for new clients. I’ve been a Realtor for 30 years, and I am ever in awe of the professionalism I witness out there in the trenches cooperating with other Realtors delivering a smooth process – This Graphic is a great flowchart for this process.

I am proud to be a Realtor, and odds are good that YOU (or someone you know) is contemplating a change of lifestyle (Making a move), I would be honored if you will connect with me to schedule a consultation, so we can, together, get this process flowing.



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