The FIRST Code of Ethics

LEVITICUS – “This book is set forth as a manual for the sacrificial system as a guide to the offerings for ethical behavior. It endures as an invitation to holiness. Holiness is the central issue and the principal teaching of the book”

” . . .to awaken people to sin as God sees it . . .

I’ve always considered “Code of Ethics” to be something sacred and even nonnegotiable.

The REALTOR Code of Ethics was one of the first (if not THE first) the first COE in existence for business wrt associations practices, but it’s NOT the first Code of Ethics.

For God, it’s “just the way things need to be for we humans!

If you are a frequent reader of I’m wondering who will answer my call to walk through the Bible with me? I’ve already got a good start (Genesis & Exodus) and just today beginning Leviticus.

My Blog is not a Religious platform – it’s “musings” of mine as I tumble through my life . . . and at this point in my life that that I’m musing about God’s point of view.

I’m doing this in small bites – one Chapter every morning (Usually less than a 10 minute read) after which, I reflect on how these readings are relevant to me . . . NOW!

As Pastor Betty says frequently: “How is your Soul?”

I muse a LOT about SOUL – In my life . . . The playful dance we are all dancing to which we are ALL invited . . . All we’ve gotta do is show up.

How does SOUL play in your human experience?






So . . . If you’re so moved, I hereby invite you to join me with this walk through the bible.

This is still BarryOwensBlog to which I have contributed for many years

My intent is to invite readers to join this conversation and contribute and receive and learn.

I just created a Private Group on Facebook – “SOUL Matters”

I am opening this space knowing that this is the the right time for some folks to show up and be present together.

Let GO!



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