The Exit Strategy Decision

Often, dissonant ideas show up simultaneously.

Such is the case for me the past couple of weeks as I have been exploring new opportunities for personal and professional growth.


I’m experiencing another one of my “3 year itches” . . . It seems that, for my entire life, I’ve had this masochistic need to shake things up even as they are humming along swimmingly. This is how I grow, and so when I get this itch, I take action.

So here I am evaluating everything – especially my goals for myself and for Pareto Realty my Real Estate Sales firm, and I am choosing to choose a path of GROWTH in all respects.

I’m smart enough to know that I must engage folks smarter than I to raise my bar of effectiveness and performance, so I have been seeking an appropriate Educational Program which I would hope also to provide a strong base of Mentoring and Accountability.

I think I’ve found that program and have taken the first step of applying . . . and am eagerly ¬†awaiting confirmation of approval because I KNOW that THIS program is THE program for ME NOW!

One of the many reasons I believe this is my right program for now, is that in the “Informational Session” for the program, I quickly understood that everyone in the room was in EXACTLY the same place as I . . . entrepreneurs seeking to learn and share the wisdom from/with other entrepreneurs in an environment that would incubate something akin to a “quantum leap” to a new level.

I also heard many mention this concept of “exit strategy” . . . A notion with which I have been in conflict for years because of these 2 nagging questions:

  1. How can you grow a healthy company when your “goal” is to EXIT?
  2. Aren’t you interested in being able to RETIRE with financial security and leaving a legacy?

On the first question, I think every time I fly in an airplane . . . When you fly, do you want the pilot to be SO committed to getting the plane off the ground that he accelerates FULL throttle with full commitment . . . rather than tentatively easing the throttle up with the idea that if the plane doesn’t lift fast enough, there’ll be enough runway remaining to stop the plane?

We don’t think of “Leaders” as being “quitters,” and some folks equate “exit strategy” with “quitting.”

and then there’s this notion of leaving a legacy . . . We’re all going expire (die) one day, and none of us know when that day will come. Most of us want to be remembered for something. We wonder what people will say about us at our Funeral and what will be inscribed on our tombstone.

If we build an organization that relies 100% on our leadership such that when we die, so does the organization . . . thereby extinguishing our professional legacy, have we succeeded?

The best leaders build great organizations that can run on auto-pilot in their absence . . . and they mentor/cultivate a culture of Leadership within these organizations such that they survive the death/exit of the founder . . . for generations to come . . . THIS is LEGACY!

I challenge you to consider all of the above and apply it to your personal and professional scenario.

Are you working on your exit strategy?

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