That Smell . . .

It’s amazing how a smell affects a House shopper.

Here are a few comments I’ve heard from Buyer clients upon catching the first whiff while opening the front door.

  • “SMOKER!” (and does a 180 back to the car without setting foot in the house)
  • “I think there’s a dead body in here. Let’s move on.”
  • “How many CATS do you think these people have?”
  • “What on earth did they cook in here?”
  • “It would cost @ $12,000 just to get rid of that smell.”
  • “Do you think this place is toxic?”
  • “I’ll bet there’s a lake in the crawl space.”
  • “Is this place MOLDY?

In all cases, the Buyers either marked the house off their list of possibilities or discounted their opinion of value resulting in no (or lowball) offer.

This is a correctable issue.

If I were to be forced to estimate the cost of removing such offensive odors, I would say: “$1,500”

And the cost of NOT removing the smell?


It’s your choice Mrs & Mr Seller.

Will you roll the dice that a buyer will come along and pay market price regardless of the stench?

Are you a gambler?

Published by Barry Owen

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