Thanksgiving in the year 2020

The big day is 6 days from today!

No . . . I’m not ready, but then I cannot think of ANY year that I have ever been “ready” 6 days prior, but somehow we pull it together and give Thanks with all the trimmings just like every other year.

How much preparation is required to give thanks appropriately?

Driving to the office this morning, I heard news of a flipped car on I-440 just about a half mile after my exit, so it didn’t affect me, and I silently blessed the occupant(s) in that car . . . that they would be unharmed. When I got to the the end of the off-ramp at Murphy Road, I glanced to my right and there sat a car fully engulfed in flames. The driver was out of the car on his cell phone and the firetruck arrived as I departed.

I thought of all that we ALL have for which to be thankful. Life comes at us FAST day in and day out, and we do the best we can to roll with the punches and celebrate the wins with those we love.

In my mind, this year is no different than any other year. Sure! 2020 has been a BEAST of a year, and there is still plenty energy for gratitude. Begin with acknowledging you are 6 feet above and not 6 feet under.

From there, we all benefit from huge abundance in our lives . . . and we have each other to weather whatever storms may roll through.

Today, I caught the Thanksgiving Spirit and am shifting into “Day before vacation mode” (Isn’t it true that we can accomplish herculean feats when packing for a vacation?). I’ve gotta manicure #OwenHollow this weekend in preparation of hosting our Owen Family feast

I’m grateful for this life we are living . . . ALL Y’ALL!

Here’s my offering to you . . . It comes from Seth Godin.

This is “Training Wheels” for you to experience this Thanksgiving with deeper gratitude. Some old curmudgeons or antsy youngsters won’t want to participate, but do it anyway.

Follow this link:

This is a magnificent “Thanksgiving Reader” created by Seth Godin.

I am grateful for YOU even if we’ve never met. As you read this blog post, we are “together”, and we are sharing good will.

With love and admiration . . . Thank you!


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