What’s your “Silver Bullet”?

Myriad “Coaches” clamor for our attention with their grandiose programs which promise AMAZING results from simple, low cost strategies they can teach us at the LOW cost of $_______.

Of course, we ALL know that: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS . . . “

Joe Stumpf taught me a valuable lesson a few decades ago. His program was an amalgamation of EVERY kind of lead generation any human could conceive to date . . . He unabashedly had gathered every successful sales strategy that any and all of his own clients had practiced through the years as well as much of the already published wisdom from Howard Brinton, Zig Ziglar & etc.

Joe wasn’t a brilliant coach . . . He was a guy who realized the power of the wisdom of our collective membership. Essentially, he acknowledged that there is no such thing as “Original Thought” in the field of Sales training.

ALL of of these strategies WORK for some of the people . . . NO single strategy works for all of the people.

I paid Joe Stumpf THOUSANDS of dollars, so he could convince me to “TEST EVERYTHING”!

Take any single way of lead generation and ask a bunch of your colleagues if that way works, and 80% of them will tell you: “That will NEVER work! I tried it with NO success” 15% of them will claim to have “some success”, and less than 5% will RAVE about how great that strategy has been for their business.

The bottom line is that there’s no “one shoe fits all” for sales people.

Test EVERYTHING and discover YOUR most successful client attraction.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself having better results with less effort . . . and you’ll also find that you LIKE . . . and even LOVE EVERY client because your way attracts your kind of people.

Let it flow!

Let Go!




Published by Barry Owen

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