take a vacation

Odds are decent that you need it.


I’m not saying that this is a “want” . . . It’s a NEED!

If you’re not getting enough sleep (8 hours) out of every 24 hours, your mind and body fatigue and your “condition” is that of a person who is Legally drunk.

My friend Joe Calloway Author and speaker who recently published the best seller Be the Best at What Matters Most  posted a link to an article about this yesterday on Facebook (which I cannot now find)

A google search revealed MANY articles – Here’s one

How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?

This factoid is scientifically derived.

That’s a pretty good case for regular afternoon naps and a good night of sleep every night.

It doesn’t pay to burn the mid-night oil and then wake up early to get the worm day in and day out because what you gain in time on the job you lose in effectiveness (Physical and mental).

So – Here’s my advice:


  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours every night
  • Break every work day into 2 distinct “segments” – My goal is to work like a focused beaver from 8-11:30 then 1-4:30 . . . Yep! 7 hours of FOCUSED work each day.
  • Naps can happen during the mid-day break or after 4:30
  • The remaining 8+ hours are for Loving, Laughing, playing . . . and attending to social, emotional, Mental, Physical, and spiritual needs.    


  • 5 days of work each week (not more)
  • 1 day of “catch up” (Shopping and errands and honey-dos)
  • 1 day of rest without agenda with family and friends


  • Take at least 1 full day-trip
  • One 2-3 day “Mini-Vacation” just to “get away from it all for a breather”


  • A minimum of 2 full-week trips away from technology and the work grind
  • “Off the grid” play and relaxation

If you’re one of those hard-charging, card carrying workaholics thumbing your nose at these ideas, you’re in denial . . . because odds are you’re “intoxicated” most of your waking hours, and you likely find yourself in a cycle in which you “CRASH” every 2-3 weeks out of sheer exhaustion.

Don’t do this!

It isn’t cool!

and it scares me to know I’m sharing the road with a bunch of sleep deprived, intoxicated people.

So . . . Go Ahead . . . take a vacation to break your deficient sleep cycle and when you return find a routine that includes plenty of naps.

Your productivity at home and work will increase precipitously.

Let me know how it goes.

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