Smiles all around

I like being in places where people are smiling.

Happiness is contagious!

We ALL have our own “Happy Places” . . .

Who are the people who smile when they think of you . . . and while you smile, you think of them . . . smiling?

Where are the places which bring smiles to our faces immediately upon thinking of (or visiting) them?

I like to smile, so I tend to hang out with other people who smile.

I also happen to LOOOOVE Nashville Hot Chicken.

So . . .

One of my favorite Happy Places is Hattie B’s – Nashville West because it seems that there are an inordinate number of Happy people (Including those who work there) hanging out there.

Where are your happy places?


Go there more often and spread more smiles.

THIS is a contagion worth spreading . . .

Let go . . . & LET’S GO!

Published by Barry Owen

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