Selling your House?

Begin with taking your medicine!

Benjamin Franklin

Nearly 300 years ago, Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Although he was referring to house fire prevention, this saying is certainly applicable to selling your house. The cost of failing to prepare your house for the market may cost you TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

Today’s home Buyers are very discriminating when it comes to signs of “deferred maintenance”.

There are NO shortcuts (unless you’re OK with getting less than top dollar with best terms for you).

Home buyers EXPECT “CLEAN AS A WHISTLE” condition and move-in ready . . . turn-key ready beginning at the mailbox/Front curb all the way to the last inch of the back yard.

In the Buyer’s mind, the FIRST scent of “underconditioned” presence IMMEDIATELY flags the Buyer to scrutinize more exhaustively . . . Buyers “Smell a RAT” . . . and one rat generally indicates there are MORE rats yet to be discovered . . . and off the buyer goes to find a different house with fewer “ISSUES”.

Realtors talk to other Realtors and Home Buyers talk to other home buyers, and that house becomes STALE on the market indicating that there’s something egregious the matter with that house.

THIS is reality in this market . . . If you want TOP DOLLAR and best terms for your house, beginning with striving to be PERFECTION in terms of condition, marketing, presentation in the MLS, and courting any and EVERY prospective Buyer.

My approach to selling a house begins with an initial consultation with Home Sellers and require the house to be as PERFECT as possible before entering the market.

Take your “ounce of prevention” up front for TOP $$$ and best terms.


Published by Barry Owen

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