Scratching the Surface

Why do we get itchy?

Of course, we have an urge to scratch any itch we detect physically or mentally.

Seldom does the act of scratching actually heal the source of the itch, though – Right?

Moreso, we rationalize many reasons to scratch.

It gives us something to do about the itch.

If the itch is a craving for something . . . like Ice Cream or tacos, does eating ice cream and/or tacos, cure the itch, or does it just cause us to want MORE ice cream and tacos?

That mosquito, tick, or chigger bite is a physical itch. We ATTACK these itches even though the act of scratching invariable exacerbates and amplifies the itchiness . . . We all know this, yet we continue to scratch until we bleed thereby leaving us in the predicament of creating a veritable flesh wound.

Whether the itch is mental or physical, it’s representative of the tip of an iceberg . . . We only know the symptom and the satisfaction of us doing something about it by scratching with no knowledge of WHY this itch manifested in the first place.

I say this akin to rocking in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. As we continue to scratch, we are practicing insanity . . . doing more itching and expecting different results.

There’s a simple fix.

When you feel an itch, DON’T SCRATCH because we know that every scratch will beget more itchiness.

Pause the game and ask yourself: “WHY?”

What is the source of this itch?

Ask yourself if you’ve experienced this type of itch before, and what was the salve that cured it?

Do that, and save yourself from doing harm by unnecessary SCRATCHING.

PS – Aren’t our bodies and minds amazing? They can usually locate any itching of any magnitude in a microsecond. Save yourself from chasing the rabbit down the hole of scratching.

This analogy is appropriate for every kind of itch imaginable whether it be relationships, work, or chigger bites.

DO . . .

Sense – Locate – Pause – question Why? – Salve – Carry on



Published by Barry Owen

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