I like thinking about ways we can create “Better than before” conditions!

Our Benevolent God offers multiple ways to atone for unintentional sin rather than take a punitive approach.

Our Lord has very detailed instructions regarding paying penance for all sins, but when it comes to unintentional sins, leniency is built in. The offender DOES pay for the sin, BUT (instead of adding on late fees and/or collecting interest) has the option to decrease the penalty, even if it’s only to a pinch of flour.

The penalty is within the offender’s means.

Chew on this . . . How might this line of thinking result in transformation of the Prison system around the world?

hmmmm . . . And I’m only a few books into this journey with God – reading one Chapter of the bible each and every day.

Leviticus 5

If you’re interested in exploring wacky notions like these, join us in the Facebook Group “Soul Matters”

We just opened this group a few days ago. I cannot wait to see who joins us

Let go with “The way things are done around here” and DARE to be and think differently!

Let’s GO!

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