Relentless Accountability May Be Necessary

Most folks hate – yes – HATE accountability!

Many will shun accountability because they say it doesn’t work for them.

So if accountability doesn’t work, what does?

Are you just in that delusion cycle of chasing your tail – spinning in circles and not getting anywhere useful?

Have you adopted the fine art of naming the need to improve and then doing the same things expecting different results. Insanity defined.

NOTHING NEW WORKS for these people . . . EVER!

Lasting, significant change only happens when we solidify new habits.

According to this article:

  • Despite popular lore, it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit.
  • For some it takes less far less time (as little as 18 days) and for others it takes far more time (over 250 days).

The article doesn’t explore ways to decrease the time is takes to “set” a habit, so I’ll take the liberty of my observations while coaching Real Estate Sales Professionals.

My experience has been that, even when there’s an essential NEED to change, most people resist any form of accountability. My definition of accountability is simple: The person “holding you accountable” MUST be outside of your head – In other words, “Self-accountability” is rarely a long term solution.

Meet for no longer than 15 minutes every week to report TRUTHFUL action and then agree to the goal for the next week . . . nothing more.

With any habit forming, there must be establishment of ROUTINE such that there is persistent, CONSISTENT, right action.

In this way, we “normalize” this right action, and change happens.

Very few humans have the ability to maintain this level of discipline alone.

As a Principal Broker of Real Estate Sales firm, I know that many sales people who are independent suffer from “Roller-Coaster” results . . . The HIGHS are stratospheric, and the lows are catastrophic.

Learn to love accountability and enjoy consistent success.

Sabotaging your own success?

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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