Queueing Up each day with fresh perspective

I believe that we all deserve to wake up each morning with a squeaky clean slate. My way is to take the first waking moments each morning with a routine of “Opening the day” during which I spool up my mind with motivational exercise which shapes clarity for the day.

There are some people who are advocates for a self practice of ending each day with crafting a list of things to accomplish the next day as a way of naming these important things such that our minds will have a jump start while we sleep. Our minds don’t turn off while we sleep . . . they subconsciously chew on these seeds planted the night before to aid mission accomplishment . . .

Both of these ways WORK with regard to moving into appropriate FOCUS and ACTION

We begin with Breath – a brief period of Breathing and exhaling – Opening the airways for optimal flow

30 seconds to 2 minutes of silence – Listen to your body and mind – They will reveal your Theme for the day.

Enter your circle observe -move your body with a slow walk counter-clockwise – Who comes to mind? Why? Listen to your body noting the presence of Distress and/or eustress As you walk the circle, imagine that the circle is expanding and presenting more people, things and thoughts

Create your bulletin board – Identify the 10 people you most need to connect with this day . . . and the 10 most important things to DO.- Open your Marketplace

It’s time to do the work we came to do

Mindset- Rise – Connect with God – Spirit – Gratitude – Today I get to . . .

Published by Barry Owen

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