Putting a Band-aid on a Compound Fracture

The lead story in The New York Times “Friday Briefing” REALLY got my attention this morning.

There is NOTHING partisan about this . . . It seems North American Leadership has failed us.

Both political parties have mis-executed egregiously when it comes to taking care of our Labor Force.

. . . and it seems that “more of the same” is in the works . . . as we all witness our politicians doing the same things expecting different results . . . Insanity personified!

The next email in my queue this morning was the daily post of The National Real Estate Post

National Real Estate Post


The words coming from the National Association of Realtors are many . . .

All hat . . . no cattle!

Obfuscation run amok as Frank and Brian so eloquently point out that NAR’s address to their 1.3 million membership is shallow at best – No meat on the bones – Too many adjectives and not enough verbs absent specificity as what they are DOING for their members. Their “assurances” to Realtors and the general public are aspirational with no “Forward Marching orders” whatsoever.

Rant over!

I know that we ALL will rely on the resources that our membership have already.

Just as we do when facing devastating destruction from a Natural disaster, we will self-organize around the issues and opportunities for which we have passion and each and every one of us will contribute to finding our way through this morass . . .

One of the mantras of Combat Engineers makes it clear:

LEAD – FOLLOW – or get out of the way.

OK Leaders!

which of those paths will YOU take?

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