Practicing The Essential Power of Intentional Ritual

This morning, my chapter to read from the bible immersed me with wonderful memories of my Grandfather Rt Rev Albert Arthur Chambers – Episcopalian Bishop of Springfield, Illinois

His parsonage was a magnificent house (a Castle) with so many intriguing nooks, crannies, and secret passageways inside the walls, and the CREEPIEST attic EVER!

The one room that fascinated me the most was his personal chapel on the second level just at the top of the stairs. This chapel could accommodate 2 people – 3 would be tight – complete with a kneeling bench and a miniature sanctuary with an altar. I observed him going into his chapel alone or with congregants for solemn ministry.

I watched his every move every time I attended services, and marveled at the RITUAL he practiced. Ornate Jewelry and garments . . . and his attention to every intentional sacred movement. I have carried these memories all these years honoring every one I remember and solemnly practice them personally even as many Priests have abandoned much of the ritual or adapted them to “the times”.

For all these years, I have wondered WHY these rituals are so important, and I discovered in my daily chapter reading of the bible,


Exodus 28 – Instructions for the Priest’s clothing Aaron and his sons should wear this clothing when they go into the meeting tent or when they approach the altar to minister as priests in the sanctuary. Otherwise, they will bring guilt on themselves and die. This will be a permanent regulation for him and for his descendants after him.”


Straight from God

I believe that ritual is important in everything we do – our relationships – our work – our play – our internal rhythm – our personal, unique ways of being as we tumble through our lives as we practice our each version of US!

We each carry sacred rituals we have picked up along the way.

I hope you are celebrating YOURSELF (Warts and all) just the way you are.

Today, we have this golden opportunity to take a fresh new beginning as you step into this freshly minted year.

The choices are YOURS!

I dare you to choose to be your authentic self as you consider this “blank slate”

What personal rituals have you relegated to banalness?

Hey 2023!

We’re glad you’re here now!

Let GO!




ps – If buying and/or selling a house is on the horizon for you in 2023, I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you . . . with my soulful approach as your

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