phoenix Rising

What Does Phoenix Rising Mean?

aka Reincarnation

To rise like a phoenix from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, smarter and more powerful. An example of rising like a phoenix from the ashes is someone who opens a new, successful business after his previous business has failed.

Origins And History

The phoenix bird is a mythical bird from Greek mythology. It was a feathered creature of great size with talons and wings, its plumage radiant and beautiful. The phoenix lived for 500 years before it built its own funeral pyre, burst into flame, and died, consumed in its own fiery inferno.

Soon after, the mythical creature rose out of the ashes, in a transformation from death to life. This story of becoming born again predates the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

A counterpart to the phoenix is the Bennu of Egyptian mythology, which was a large heron venerated in Heliopolis, Egypt. The fenghuang is a Chinese bird often depicted with fire balls. The feathers of the Russian firebird emit light, and is often the subject of quests in folklore.

Christianity adopted the depiction of the phoenix rising from the ashes as a symbol of rebirth and eternal life. The classical, mythical imagery and symbolism of resurrection, of life reborn anew and transformed, resonated with the Christian story.

The phrase rise like a phoenix from the ashes is often shortened to rise like a phoenix, or even rise from the ashes. Related phrases are rises like a phoenix from the ashes, rose like a phoenix from the ashes, risen like a phoenix from the ashes, rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

One year ago, I received an email from my Primary Care Doctor (just like every year). It was time for my annual physical exam. I expected the same . . . I’ve lived a healthy life for 60 years with very few ailments other than sundry vascular issues in my legs (Varicose veins and and a DVT). My Mother bequeathed those pesky tendencies.

This year threw me a curve ball . . . The blood test indicated an “Elevated PSA” – a marker for cancer of the prostate. A visit to a urologist led to a status of: ” Let’s wait a few months to see if it progresses . . . It did!

That led to an MRI for a closer look . . . revealing some “questionable” areas on the prostate . . . calling for Biopsies . . . which confirmed that I DO have cancer of the prostate – which then resulted to an appointment with an oncologist (ALL of these Doctors at Vanderbilt Medical Center – SUCH a GREAT TEAM).

There were myriad options, and I opted for 5 very focused radiation blasts – a month ago with some discomfort, but not too much to bare.

This week, I am scheduled for my Physical Exam which will include a blood test which will likely reveal or deny the results of the radiation treatment.

During this year, I lost my real Estate Firm (Pareto Realty) . . . I’ll spare y’all the gruesome details . . . other than that the medical issues clouded my brain significantly making it very difficult to focus on – well – anything – My income flow ceased 6 months ago, and I lost a few “important” relationships – my fault – my inability to communicate.

Deep depression set in, and my best friends and family helped me through as I was thinking I was going to lose everything including my beloved Owen Hollow. 90 days ago, I took a job as Receiving worker in the warehouse (with a still very foggy brain) I have been reading the bible every morning at 3:00 AM to help regain my clarity of mind.

This is healing my brain . . . Thank you GOD!

Today, I go to Lowes for my first day with a new job as a Sales Specialist in Millwork feeling good about myself for the first time in a year.

I ran the whole grief cycle . . . and I’m gonna build a great Real Estate Sales Team in 2023

The 5 stages of grief

According to K├╝bler-Ross, the five stages of grief are:

Watch me in my phoenix rising incarnation as I build my Real Estate SOULution Real Estate sales practice.

Thank you to my loyal clients who have continued referring Home Buyers and Sellers

Let go!


Barry Owen


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