Permission to Change Goals?

Always remember that every new week provides new possibilities.

This is vibrant thinking . . . that you might not ever have thought of goals commensurate with your human potential.

I’m thinking about “Goals” this morning.

Goals can be “Limiting Beliefs” if not coming from the heart.

Great marketers aren’t dumb! They know that we’re not selling houses any more than Auto Manufacturers are selling Automobiles . . . We are all selling Lifestyle.

So . . . When we set goals, we’re potentially veering off course when we set goals for a certain number of transactions or volume sold. This is one subtle differentiation of Pareto Realty VS many other Real Estate Firms . . . We DO talk a lot about selling more houses and jest about my (Principal Broker/Owner) need for new shoes, but what we are really hoping for is for ALL of us to enjoy the Lifestyle we crave. This is expressly the reason I have never (and never will) publish Sales statistics and hold contests for volume of sales.

I am acutely aware that every Real Estate Sales Professional is “differently motivated” based on their own individual core values and dreams, and collectively we support each other unconditionally because we know that as each of us succeeds, so do we all.

Yes – “Quality of Life”  . . . So . . . How will you know where you’re going if you haven’t built a vision of that place in your mind?

Today’s blog post is an invitation for you to rethink your goals . . . your perspective. What’s your “ultimate scenario” with respect to your quality of life?

Here’s uncomfortable punch line:

Start living that life now funded by selling houses (or whatever you “job” is).

You might discover that your “occupation” is obstructing your path to realizing your vision.

If so, what do you need to do?

Adjust priorities?

Change your job?

This is mighty scary stuff, but it works – I Promise!

Without question, the 1st step is being willing to depart from your “comfort zone”.

PS – I’m on a quest to find Middle Tennessee Niche Oriented REALTORS interested in having their cake and eating it too. If you’re one of those, let’s connect. I love coaching agents up to a higher, more meaningful, quality of life. You might be a “Vital Few REALTOR” without knowing (yet).

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